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St. Vincent Ferrer School was founded by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael in 1868. The goal of the Dominican Sisters was to create schools that could foster the faith of young people. Due to their hard work, St. Vincent Ferrer School has been educating students for over 150 years.

In September of 1870 the Vallejo Chronicle reported a total of 186 students in attendance, 46 in the high school department, 60 in the intermediate, and 80 in the primary. By January of 1872 that number would jump to 232.

Eventually, in 1987, the high school department at our Florida Street address transitioned to a new location. A merge between St. Vincent Ferrer High School and St. Patrick’s High School created a new school that allowed our SAINTS to continue their Catholic Education. In 1988 St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School welcomed graduates.

St. Vincent Ferrer School continues to foster the young minds of Preschoolers-8th graders. We continue to pride ourselves in providing a high quality, Catholic education to the residents of Vallejo.